INMETESS is a company founded in Volpiano by the Rava brothers in 1960, and at this moment is the leader in Italy for the production of woven labels, ribbons and other similar accessories, at superior quality levels.


Our leadership is based on a simple fact that the users of our labels are the most prestigious clients in the Italian and international fashion industry.

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InternoDuring the 60’s and 70’s INMETESS operated with the traditional shuttle loom. Today, we operate with electronic looms at a very high technical level. We are proud, in that we have exceptional technicians that work with the computers at very advanced levels of software, translating any graphic image into highly defined woven labels.

Due to such a complete and sophisticated range of available woven label we are able to produce at a complex and articolate scale. Besides the classic woven labels, in classic formats and types, our company uses the sophisticated CAD textiles that are capable of reproducing in weaving, any picture or photograph.

The final results to this exclusive procedure is an awesome and glamorous Woven Picture.

It was extremely difficult to reproduce woven images very near to the original, but the results have been remarkable: the glamor of an ancient Arazzo is in our woven works.

All this allows us to better serve not only the clothing and shoes industry, but also customers that would like to personalize, in small quantities, woven labels or to weave the family emblem or any type of photographic image (matrimonies, baptisms, christenings, graduations, etc.).


We may insert in our woven labels a very special thread.

Our unique, patented thread will shine under "black light", helping to estabilish the autenticity of your brand.

To the naked eye, the thread looks to be plain white; but when lit by "black lights" the fluoresent thread glows a bright green, a bright blue, a bright purple or a bright redcurrently.

Your label becomes your guarantee to your retailers as well as to your customers that they have the authentic mrecandise.

Last but not least, we offer to all our clients the possibility to preview samples of products at there request in short times if necessary within 24/48 hours.

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