The telematic interconnection is the most rapid in the market, allowing us to stabilize a direct line with our client, receiving and sending all the information necessary for production or of samples. It is also possible to contact us directly by e-mail at or using our web page that also provides the possibility to send directly files of your proofs. Our pages uploaded are protected and therefore, there is no risk of your proofs finishing in the wrong computer.

By sending directly your designs we can notify you in short time the personalizzed price for realizing the fabric label and we may perform the eventual sample in very short time!

We also have the possibility to activate, if requested, our system of video communications so to give you the ability to take our office, into your office, to have a contact more real and direct with our collaborators.

If you prefer to send your proofs with a magnetic support you may utilize the classic 3.5’ floppy disk, CD-ROM cartridge ZIP. We use Apple Macintosh and therefore support the most major formats existing on the market in computer graphics. If using another type of graphic system the format that allows the most simple change is the format TIFF, EPS and Acrobat®.

The image that is used does not necessarily have to be high definition, 150/300 points are sufficient for our needs. It is also possible to compress your files to make more rapid the transfering of your files by using the common programs existing on the market (.sit,.zip, uuencode etc. etc.).

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