QR Code woven on a Label!

INMETESS announces the new availability of Woven QR Code on your own labels. Advanced technologies solutions are our aim!

Our woven QR Code labels improves durability and wash ability of your data, up to 130° machine washing. The readability of your QR Code could survive the tagged garment.

Think at these QR Code used in combination with ours unique and exclusive Variabile Label and imagine the universe of possibilities we can supply using this new technology.


QR Code space QRCode tessuto

Many Smartphones and Pads applications, iPhone included, can read QRCode. Above all, we indicate i-nigma e NeoReader.


take a look what A Variable label IS

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news - from "Tecnica della Confezione"

INMETESS: Innovations Novelty Modern labEls Textile Exclusive Security Solution!

News in woven labels: the future of product control is called Progressive Numbering

Thanks to the experience made in nearly forty years of activities in textiles, and thanks to a brilliant intuition accompanied by constant commitment to technological innovation, Inmetess, a leading company in its field, have set up a system that allows the industrial production of woven labels featuring progressive numbering.
The truly surprising characteristic lies in the fact that the process is structured in such a way as to allow operating with no field limits, both along the warp and the weft. This means that numbers, letters, graphs, or combinations of the same, may be freely inserted, whether in sequential or correlated form, or in arbitrary and independent configurations.

“It's a historical innovation - claims Giovanni Rava, the owner of the company - which will cause a revolution in our clients' product control systems, allowing for fast and safe item tracking, which is the prime reference for all certification bodies. This finally makes full control over one's manufacturing system a fact, including rejects and faults. In addition, for those interested, to undeniable control over licensees, third-party manufacturers and distributors.
“One can even imagine sales campaigns based on limited series, or promotional contests...and that's not all.
“The system allows working with complex matrix sequences, and as such, absolutely irreproducible, which alone can guarantee users from imitations or fakes that currently are so damaging for our clients and for all of us, linked to the thriving of underground work and tax evasion.
“It's an effective tool that we have made available to our clients to enhance and further ensure their products with the final consumer, by highlighting the uniqueness and quality of the purchased items.

Why a woven label?

“Woven labels do not deteriorate with wear and repeated washing, like printed labels do. Moreover, the impression provided by a printed label is rather cheap, and in our field this doesn't respond to the need of an adequate image; there's no comparison between the researched aspect that distinguishes a jacquard weave. Today's technology, combined with a careful use of yarns, allows obtaining high quality products with a textile definition that can satisfy even the more exacting requirements.
“In addition, being the exclusive distributors for Europe of the Japanese company Nakamura, we can insert a special yarn, Naxis Brand Guard, also camouflaged, into our items.
“Thanks to its peculiar reactive characteristics it is the ideal tool for an immediate control of entire lots of products. An essential aspect when you consider the current movement of goods takes place in globalised markets.

So more than a label, it's a whole set of specific information?

“Precisely. Thanks to the description matrixes the label tells us about the item and enhances it. It's an essential tool, not only for those operating in fashion and want to stress the uniqueness of their products, but also for all those producing high intrinsic value items, or substantial technical contents, such as sportswear and protective garments, just to name two examples.

It's easy to imagine a noticeable growth for the market. How are you going to be able to satisfy the demand?

“In fact that was one of the first issues we faced; and for this reason we have struck an agreement with a reputable company that operates in this field worldwide. In addition to fitting the system onto looms, having built up sufficient experience in matters of international patenting, it has been presented in the best of ways.
“Shortly, the system will be made available to all the main producers of labels worldwide, and this should automatically solve the problem”.

Look at a label woven with NumberMaster system


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