INMETESS is a company founded in Volpiano by the Rava brothers in 1964, and at this moment is the leader in Italy for the production of woven labels, stamps, ribbons and other similar accessories, at superior quality levels.


Our leadership is based on a simple fact that the users of our labels are the most prestigious clients in the Italian and international fashion industry.


InternoOur numerous range of looms is divided into two large categories:

needle looms and thermocut looms.

Needle looms: We manufacture a product with selvedge that is soft at both ends with predetermined diverse sizes that are from 08mm. to 65mm. The finished product is of high quality that is similar to the common satin. Some of these looms, modified, require an increase in string and in weaving the insertion of a particular nylon yarn that will load, and which become anchored the strands of brocade and of tame. All this brings an absolute definition of the final image to the same label..

Thermocut looms: This production comes in pieces and the size requested is determined by the use of heat cutters that allows us to obtain products that are from 10 mm. to 230mm. There is a maximum of 12 colors that may be used contemporaly on these woven labels.

Using a sophisticated system of ultra sounds cutting, consent us to license a final product similar to that of selvedge edges.

We are proud, in that we have exceptional technicians that work with the computers and the new generation looms: they translating any (your) graphic image into highly defined woven labels.


iMacs Everywhere!
This deparment consists of folding and ironing, adhesiving, shaping the labels and the final labels packaging.


Due to our state of advancement, our inside networks allows fast responses on every order proposed by our clients. 70.000 orders and designs in our historic archives are able to be retraced immediately. iMacs Everywhere!
With the use of internet and faxes the new generation may rapidly send and also receive any type of image without the wait of shipment, offering immediate designs, proofs and estimates of any type.

To request estimates or more information about us or to send eventual graphics or designs, besides using our normal mail service, we recommend using the format .tiff without antialiasing and dithering.

It is also possible to use directly our contact web page.

Our CAD CAM work stations are of the last generation and are used for projecting our woven labels.
This allows us to realize labels with special effects and to project labels more complex, similar to the quadricromia of the print, the final result is a high level estetic.
Using this software also permits us to virtually realize labels that may be trasferred immediately by means of telematics.

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