INMETESS always a leader in textile technology is happy to officially announce a new creation.

It is a patented system which finally allows us to create at industrial costs woven labels with consecutive numbering, both in the direction of the weave and that of the warp.
And not only numbers! We are able to produce any alpha-numeric string in the widest sense of the word, therefore also letters, symbols, or graphics.

But it doesn't end there. We can insert more than one alpha-numeric series in each label both inter-correlated an/or independent. Each one of which in its turn can assume the characteristics of a pluri-dimensional matrix.

Take a look of the meaning of this here: VARIABILE LABELS Clip

Thanks to our system we are able to weave labels which cannot be reproduced as such.

It is also possible to combine NUMBER MASTER¨ with the anti-counterfeit system NAXIS BRAND GUARD for which we are the sole licensee for all Europe.

The following suggestions are just some of the possibilities which arise from a similar opportunity, we leave other options to your experience and imagination.

- Quantitative control of a product
- Production Flow control
- Licensee control and/or external laboratories
- Single Item certification
- Sales campaign based on a limited series production
- Random extraction promotional campaign

And all this in one label...YOURS!

Our salesmen and our entire personnel are at your complete disposition to satisfy all your particular needs and to collaborate with you in studying solutions which best meet your requirements.

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