Woven Pictures: the Movies

Here follow some significant movies through which you can appreciate the different peculiarities of the two main ways of producing our works.

You will need the Quicktime plug-in to view the film clips: download QuickTime Get QuickTime

This one refers to our Woven Pictures set on wooden frame and in motion. The rotation of the subjects completely reveals the arabesque shown by the yarns on both sides of the works.

Good quality movie (11MB)

Low quality movie (3.7MB)

In this one, the different ways of interlacing the weft in production are efficaciously compared. First we use technics providing for vigorous and rich stitches, in order to get a product characterized by strong and firm strokes, where the textile lattice magically resembles the classic tapestry giving to the observer the subtle pleasure of guessing the details. Then, marvellous for the refined accuracy, we use a processing made of small and thick stitches, in order to enhance the image definition and let you clearly appreciate also the tiny details.

Good quality movie (4.9MB)

Low quality movie (1.8MB)

The processings of “thick-stitches” and “thin-stitches” are shown in the product description of our shop on-line.

Following this link, you can find a further comparison between the two processing technics.



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