Woven Pictures

Merging an ancient tradition with the most recent technological innovations, these products re-interpret, in a modern manner, those valuable hand-manufactured articles produced between the nineteenth and early twentieth-century that to-day enrich public and private collections with their glamour.

Thanks to the new developped technologies, we have been able to realize our Woven Pictures preserving that typical hand-made look.
Real Paintings on cloth rich in colors and shades (a limit of ancient Tapestry) keeping that ancient look that only the threads with their interlacings are able to give, making our products incomparable to the impersonal prints on cloth of current use.

We do want to dress the classic with modern style, in order to satisfy also who, loving the weaving art, did not succeed in finding products suitable to his own personality.

Admire the difficulty of the Jaquard interlacing and the accuracy of details, not only on the front but also on the back where the manufacture gets an abstract and illusory look.

You can choose to buy the Woven Pictures in two different models:

the simply sheet with an utilizable border aroud the pattern varying from 2 to 5 centimetres, which allows you to use the Woven Picture as you want

with a wooden frame, so you can hang your Woven Picture directly on the wall or easily put a frame that you like more.

Follow this link to discover the magic of our Woven Pictures.

We are sorry that the images you are looking to cannot give you those feelings that the Woven Pictures convey in the reality. Their beauty is given not only by the appearance, but also by the knowledge of the technical difficulty of the manufacture, which is appreciated both by people who know the ancient weaving art and in our works enjoy its evolution, and by those who simply appreciate the art in its different shapes.

To give an idea of the proportions of our Woven Pictures, you can see, in some photos, the image of a compact disk... so that you can have a more exact feeling of the real sizes.

Our Woven Pictures are realized in 100% polyester, in order to guarantee a perfect and simple wash and a long-term stability of colours, even if exposed to improper environment conditions (sunbeams, inclemency of the weather).

We just weave artistic reproductions, portraits, landscapes, calendars, but we can satisfy different demands, why not, like making on your proposal some nice or unusual Woven Pictures with that bit of refinement that can transform the environment in which they are, in a special and/or absolutely personal place.

THE BIG SIZES we can get (1 metre by what you need) make possible the carrying out of WOVEN PANELS suitable to showing to better advantage your SHOP-WINDOWS, your DRESSING-ROOMS, or simply to darken your bedroom. Look here at some examples.Look here at some examples.


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