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This "TEXTILE INTERPRETATION OF THE HOLY SHROUD IMAGE" by Mrs. Cleta Meniconi Tarantola, expert in the weaving art and former teacher at the Weavers' School in Torino, Italy, is a masterly reproduction on fabric of the impressions left by the Divine Martyr's face on the Holy Shroud on which a terrific image of the Man Crucified is mysteriously evidenced.

It is essential to point out that thank to its peculiar manufacturing characteristics, the Image shows on one side the reproduction of the impressions left by the Divine Body and on the other one the Divine features as they unexpectedly and prodigiously appeared to Mr. S. Pia and Mr. Enrie on a negative film.

This image, a masterpiece of weaving art, is the sole in the world realized in fabric and, as such, is covered by patent.

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