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Our company has colloborated since 1996 with the Japanese group NAXIS Nakamura. Through this collaboration we offer in exclusive, in all European territories a special material that permits us to produce fabric labels called “Brand Guard Label”. This special thread, abbreviated, is called NAXIS. Nakamura allows us to satsify the more elevated requests to guarantee anti-imitation for our prestigious clients. The thread in question (“Brand Guard”) has the peculiar characteristics, in that, it is able to change color underneath the lights of a normal "black light" helping to establish the autenticity of your brand.

The charasteristics of this thread is that it is flourescent, which permits us to distinguish common phosphorescent material that exists on the market and that doesn’t have any guaranty to certain individuals.

WARNING: Only the NAXIS Nakamura (in Japan, USA,Hong Kong, China and Thailand) the INMETESS and the TECNOLABEL srl ( in Europe) can produce fabric labels using the thread "Brand Guard".
Use of thread that changes his color under UV light is PATENTED.

Naxis Color Variation. Color Table.

Natural Light Under UV Light

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