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INMETESS makes woven labels !

The label is the accessory that lives the same life as the garment in which it is applied. It identifies the name, the orgin, the composition, and its nature.

They must guarantee immediately the identity of the products in which it will be applied. Clothing of every kind shoes, bags, ties, lingerie, hats, gloves, etc.

They may be like fashion in general, classic, sportsmanlike, austere, witty, simple, country, fancy, soft and tender or compact and hard, aggressive or naive and many more.

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Our looms are all very modern and electronic and they perceive what is suggest them by our technicians with the most modern computerized systems.

Then they transform faithfully your graphics into woven products finished at a very high level.

The availability of vast operators equipped with graphic computers allows us to satisfy in short time the more diverse requests demanded by such a complex market.

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We produce woven labels and ribbon in various sizes of 8 to 1000 mm. (yes! ONE meter!) and up to 12 different brocade colors. We offer a vast file of 300 other shades of brocade colors.

Labels with selvage edges, thermocut edges, ultrasonic edges, adhesivable, in any shape, in satin or part satin, taffetas, in polyester, Bemberg, cotton, at standard definition or at high-level definition.

The wide range of wowen allows us to produce diverse types of labels, that may be used with the traditional labels with selvage edges in satin and demi-satin , labels with thermocut edges in taffeta and in high definition, as well as those ultrasonic edges, or for using a shaped label to substitute emobroidery on clothing.

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